Dona and Joe’s European Vacation, Episode 4: The Elusive Dream of Sleep

A short entry today, since we’re heading out to JFK soon for the overnighter to Dublin. The most I’ve ever slept on a plane is about ten seconds, so I’m taking a bit of chance that I can change that. I will do my best to wear myself out during the day, and take no rest, and take some prescription knockout drugs, and maybe a stiff drink. Or two. And earplugs. And noise cancelling headphones. And we’re going business class, which means a bed instead of a seat.

This is all of little consequence to Dona, who has been known to fall asleep during takeoffs.

But those of you who are ultra light sleepers like me know how hard it is to shut out the world when it’s all around and making noise and experiencing turbulence.

There’s a lot riding on this, since we won’t be able to check into our hotel room until several hours after landing, and Dona’s lined up activities to fill the interim. If I can’t sleep I may turn into the Zombie of Dublin.