Publications, etc.

NOTE: some listings have links to the stories or reviews posted online.


Mr. Neutron, published by 7.13 Books, March 2018; available on Amazon and other online sellers.

Curtain Calls, published by Woodward Press, 2015; a Kirkus featured review. Available on Amazon.

Cyber Styletto, written under a pseudonym for clients; published by Cyber Styletto LLC, 2011

Short Fiction

BULL, “Tacet”; accepted for publication

Cornice (UK) “The Neurosurgeon”; December 2022

MicroLit Almanac, Funeral for a Good Friend”; October 2022

The Galway Review, At Closing Time“; September 2021

Adelaide, “The Face of Need”; fall 2019

Belle Ombre, Cloud Life”; August 2019

Crab Orchard Review, A Change of the Odds”; March 2019

Small Print Magazine, “Inviolate”; spring 2019

Masque and Spectacle, Afterlife”; December 2017

Wilderness House Literary Review,Missionaries”; October 2017

Crack the Spine, Ungrounded”; summer 2017. Also included in their annual print anthology.

Oyster River Pages, Born Famous”; August 2017

Palooka: “This Day of False Spring”; January 2017

2 Bridges Review (City University of New York): “Regeneration”; January 2017

TIFERET: Literature, Art & the Creative Spirit: Those Who Trespass Against Us”; 2016 Fiction Contest winner, published spring 2017

New Plains Review (University of Central Oklahoma): “In Their Rightful Place”; spring 2016

Sniff and Barkens:Middle Aged Mutts”; Fall 2015

The Stockholm Review of Literature: Muzak”; September, 2015

The Stoneslide Corrective:  “How to Live at a Hotel”; September 2015

Fugue (University of Idaho)“Gank”; July 2015

The Stoneslide Corrective:  Plunge”; Spring 2014

BULL (men’s fiction): “The Decline of the Swan”; Fall 2013

Lumina (Sarah Lawrence College): “Nixon in State”; Spring 2013

The Lifted Brow (Melbourne, Australia): “The Killer of the Writer”; April 2013

Palimpsest (University of Colorado): “Every Man Unto His Family”; December, 2012

Prick of the Spindle: “Unexplored Landscapes”: Fall 2012

Prime Mincer: “A Teaching Moment; Fall 2012 issue

Passager: “Moving Day”; Spring 2012

Fiction Fix (University of North Florida): “Living in Dark Houses”; Spring 2012

Valparaiso Fiction Review (Valparaiso University, IN): “Tacking in Moonlight”; Spring 2012

Fiction Southeast: Once a Star”; Spring 2012

Bacopa Literary Review: “A Snowball’s Chance”; Spring 2012

Uncle John’s Flush Fiction (humor): “A Great Weight”; Spring 2012

The Chaffin Journal (Eastern Kentucky Univ.): “By the Side of the Road”; December 2011

Mixed Fruit:A Tap on the Glass”; October, 2011

Apalachee Review: “The Sting of the Glove”;Spring 2011

Midwest Literary Magazine:The Face Maker”; April 2011

Stymie: Hardcourt”; October, 2011

100 Stories for Queensland: “A Handout for the Ages”; May 2011

Tobybashi: “Being Enormous”; Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 2009

Vestal Review: “Eyes with No Promise”; Issue 34, Summer 2009

Summerset Review Annual Anthology: The Art of Waiting”; Vol. 2, 2008

Peeks & Valleys a Southern Journal: “Friendship Bread”; Vol. 8, No. 4, November 2008

Soundings Review: “Symbiosis”; September 2008

Summerset Review: “The Art of Waiting”; June 2007

Awards & Honors

2016: First Prize and Publication, TIFERET: Literature, Art & the Creative Spirit 2016 Fiction Contest for “Those Who Trespass Against Us.”

2014 Honorable Mention and Publication: Stoneslide Corrective Story Contest for “How to Live at a Hotel.”

2011 St. Lawrence Book Award contest for short story collections (Black Lawrence Press), finalist for Desperate Men, Desperate Measures.

2011 Springfed Arts Writers Contest, first place in fiction

2011 Midwest Literary Magazine Distinction Award for Fiction


Connotation Press:Finding Pride: A Remembrance of My Grandfathers,” July 2012


Tahoma Literary Review:

The Best Small Fictions 2015, Guest Editor Robert Olen Butler, Series Editor Tara Masih, Queen’s Ferry Press

The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, by Leland Cheuk, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

Nobody’s Looking, by J.R. Miller, ELJ Editions

Wittgenstein Jr., by Lars Iyer; Melville House

Los Angeles Review:

Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole, Fiction by Kaye Linden; September 2013 (online)

Bough Down, Nonfiction and Art by Karen Green; Fall 2013

Kabuki Boy, by Perle Besserman; Fall 2013

The Biology of Luck, by Jacob M. Appel; August 2013 (online)

You: An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person, Kim Dana Kupperman, with Heather G. Simon and James M. Chesbro, Editors; April 2013 (online)

The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up, Fiction by Jacob M. Appel; March 2013 (online)

Psychology and Other Stories, Stories by C.P. Boyko; February 2013 (online)

An End to All Things, Short Stories by Jared Yates Sexton; January 2013 (online)

The Masters Review, Short Stories selected by Lauren Groff (review and essay), December 2012 (online)

A Very Minor Prophet, by James Bernard Frost; Fall 2012

Chicago Stories, by Michael Czyzniejewski; Fall 2012

Kino, by Jürgen Fauth; Fall 2012

Art from Art, Edited by Stephen Soucy; Fall 2012

My Call to the Ring, by Dierdre Gogarty with Darrelyn Saloom; October 2012 (online)

Hush Hush, Short Stories by Steven Barthelme; September 2012 (online)

Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality, Fiction by Bill Peters; August 2012 (online)

The Law of Strings and Other Stories, Short Stories by Steven Gillis; August 2012 (online)

Stray Decorum, Short Stories by George Singleton; August 2012 (online)

The Grievers, by Marc Schuster; July 2012 (online)

Sex with Buildings, by Stephanie Barbé Hammer; July 2012 (online)

Subduction, by Todd Shimoda, with art by L.J.C. Shimoda; July 2012 (online)

Speculation,by Edmund Jorgensen; June 2012 (online)

Attack of the Copula Spiders, by Douglas Glover; May 2012 (online)

No One Me Told I Was Going to Disappear, by A.J. Tyler and John Dermot Woods; May 2012 (online)

13 Loops: Race, Violence, and the Last Lynching in America, by BJ Hollars; Spring 2012

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, by Alissa Nutting; Spring 2012

The Tsar’s Dwarf, by Peter Fogtdal; Vol. 7; Spring 2010

Ray of the Star, by Laird Hunt; Vol. 6, Fall 2009

Other Journals:

Monkeybicycle: The House Enters the Street, by Gretchen E. Henderson; September, 2012

Tottenville Review: Finding a Seat on the Bus: A Daughter Traces Her Father’s Unspoken Civil Rights Involvement; Review of Test Ride on the Sunnyland Bus by Ana Maria Spagna; November 2010

Fifth Wednesday Journal: Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, by Wells Tower; Fall 2009

Fifth Wednesday Journal: The Vagrants, by Yiyun Li; Fall 2009

Raven Chronicles: The End is the Beginning: Stories by Matt Briggs; Vol. 14, No. 2, 2009


Los Angeles Review: “John Rechy: The Hustler and the Writer Reconciled” (profile of issue honoree); Vol. 11, pending Spring 2012


Publishing Genius: “Interview with Adam Robinson”; November 2013

Interviewed in The Believer, May 2013

Delphi Quarterly: Interview with Kathleen Rooney of Rose Metal Press; Summer 2013

Delphi Quarterly: “Interview with Gretchen E. Henderson”; Spring 2013

Delphi Quarterly: “Interview with Dan Cafaro”; Spring 2013

Delphi Quarterly: “Interview with Sarah Gorham”; Winter 2013

Los Angeles Review: “Crossing the Great Genre Divide, an Interview with Matt Bell; Vol. 9, Spring 2011

Los Angeles Review: “An Interview with Tara Masih”; Vol. 8, Fall 2010

Books Edited

Wide Open Privacy: Strategies for the Digital Life, by J.R. Smith and Siobhan MacDermott, IT-Harvest Press, Inc., 2012

Up, and to the Right, by Richard Stiennon; May 2012

The Breach, by Stewart Sternberg and Christine Purcell; July 2011

Surviving Cyber War, by Richard Stiennon; The Scarecrow Press, Inc., September 2010

Pets and the Planet: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care, by Carol Frischmann; Howell Book House, February 2009


Playa Summer Lake, spring 2016

AWP 2015 Conference, “Literary Citizenship”; panelist (scheduled)

Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Guest Faculty, January 2015

AWP 2014 Conference, “Stoking the Fire: Maintaining the Passion for Writing When Success Eludes”; moderator and organizer

Rochester Writers Conference, panel: “Self Publishing,” October 2013

AWP Conference, offsite reading for Stymie Magazine, March 2012

Rochester Writers Conference, panel: “Book Publishing,” October 2011

ConClave Science Fiction Convention, panels: “Keeping In Character, What Editors Want,” October 2011

Dzanc Books, National Workshop Day, seminar leader, April 2011

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