Dona and Joe’s European Vacation, Episode 16: Ready for Our Au Revoir

Sitting in the Air France lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport as we prepare for the final leg of our trip back to Seattle. It’s a ten-hour flight, so I figured I’d better write something now, since I’ll probably be too jet-lagged when we land.

Just when we were getting used to being in Paris. In fact it was the same for every city we visited—it’s amazing how quickly one can adapt to the rhythms of a place and culture, despite how different they seem. In Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and Paris we walked just about everywhere and I did not miss driving for one minute. We dined on local cuisine and never had a hankering for the food we know at home. At least we know we’ll get back into our normal lives soon after we arrive in Seattle (and after Henry gets over his inevitable tantrum at our being gone for so long).

norwegian_tailsI am one of those people who doesn’t mind sitting at an airport. My favorite part (apart from the people watching) is noticing the airlines I’ve never seen before. There are quite a lot of them. Ever heard of EasyJet? (One just rolled by.) How about Etihad? There’s LAN Airlines (Chile) and Latam Airlines (Brazil). Copa Airlines (Panama), Eva Air (Taiwan), and Sun Country (USA). Peach (Japan, although the planes are painted more like pomegranate than peach), and Hop! (a division of Air France). My fave is Norwegian Long Haul, because they adorn the vertical stabilizer with drawings of famous people, Norwegian and otherwise.