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A Curtain Calls Progress Report

First, a progress report on Curtain Calls, my soon-to-be self-published novel about Paris in the week just prior to the start of World War I. Here’s a look at the cover, which was designed by my friend and partner at Woodward Press, Dora Badger: Since I’m also a graphic designer by trade, the two of … Continue reading

My Decision to Self Publish: Why This? Why Now?

So I wrote this book a few years ago for my MFA thesis project called The Ballo Brothers. I thought it was pretty good. In fact, an agent thought it was pretty good too, and signed me up for representation. But then his bosses disagreed with him, and then he got sick and died, and … Continue reading

The ISBN: A Government-Sanctioned Monopoly that is Hurting Writers

If you’ve ever published a book through an independent publisher, or self-published, you are probably familiar with the ISBN assigned to your book. It’s the 10 or 13-digit number that allows you to sell it in bookstores and with Amazon. And if you were responsible for the purchase of the ISBN, you probably experienced a … Continue reading

How a Libertarian’s Insane Argument Exposes a Lit World Paradox

A blogger friend this week hosted a discussion about the US economy, and added a clip from a recent “PBS Newshour.” The clip featured libertarian and economics professor Richard Epstein, who incensed my friend’s readers by suggesting that minimum wage laws be repealed, and that people work for whatever wage business owners offered, even as … Continue reading

Who Needs Plan B?

What keeps you going as a writer? Is it artistic passion or dreams of success, or does something else drive you? Yesterday I caught part of an interview Terry Gross of “Fresh Air” did with comedian and cable show star Marc Maron. In it, he talked about the down times, which are many for a … Continue reading

Tahoma Literary Review Now Open for Submissions

TLR is officially open for submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. To find out more about this new (paying) literary journal, please visit us at Tahoma Literary Review.

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