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The Online Advertising Invasion

There is a theory[1] that claims it is not humans who dominate the earth, but much lower forms of life: the bacteria that we carry within us. We are merely the vessel in which they travel. I am reminded of this whenever I visit the web site of a major content provider these days. The … Continue reading

I Do Some of My Best Writing When I’m Not Writing

I remember I was reading a book when I thought of the resolution to my novel. The ending for one of my short stories came to me while I sat on a weight bench with a pair of dumbbells in my hands.[1] Another one occurred while standing in line for the lav on a cross-country … Continue reading

And Poof! There Goes Another Story

Recently I was updating some info on my web site when I noticed that a couple of links to stories online no longer worked. I had to assume the journals in which the stories were published had closed. One of the journals in question was print, the other an online operation. The first story sits … Continue reading

A Blogload of Respect and Some Arcane Personal Factoids

First, thanks to my friend Stephanie Barbé Hammer for nominating The Saturday Evening Post for a Versatile Blogger Award last week. I checked this award out on the VBA site, and apparently if you are nominated, you are a winner. Sounded a little like a Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but I read on. As it turns … Continue reading

The Twitter Hour

I have pretty much abandoned Facebook these days for all the usual reasons: too time consuming, too many games, too many apps that require your personal information. I heard some social media expert on the radio not too long ago saying Facebook would only last five to ten more years. Sounds about right. Instead I … Continue reading

Tahoma Literary Review Now Open for Submissions

TLR is officially open for submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. To find out more about this new (paying) literary journal, please visit us at Tahoma Literary Review.

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