Dona and Joe’s European Vacation, Prologue

The first time Dona and I traveled overseas was nearly twenty years ago. We kept a journal of the trip—you know, a little book with blank pages that you could write in—and we still get a laugh every now and then looking at the entries.

There were the passages about our first choice of hotel, a place so run down it almost cost us our relationship. There were stories of how my feet ached from ill-fitting shoes, and the time in London on a national holiday when everything was closed and Dona simply could not find a bathroom.

But why keep such hysterics to ourselves? So for our upcoming European trip, we’ve decided to make our journal public. Starting today we’ll chronicle this latest journey, and we hope you’ll share in our fun (and disagreements, misunderstandings, arguments, etc.).

We leave tomorrow—up at 4, out by 5—for the first leg of the trip, which takes us to New York City for a couple of days of hotels, museums, and fine food. Then it’s on to Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and Paris. Three weeks in all and during that time we’ll try to blog every day about our adventures.

It won’t just be me, either. Dona will blog too. But she’s still packing right now.