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The Online Advertising Invasion

There is a theory[1] that claims it is not humans who dominate the earth, but much lower forms of life: the bacteria that we carry within us. We are merely the vessel in which they travel. I am reminded of this whenever I visit the web site of a major content provider these days. The … Continue reading

For Writers Overwhelmed by Technology, Is More Technology the Answer?

Well, that’s what the tech people want you to believe. This week Jane Friedman’s excellent blog posted a list of 10 new apps created, supposedly, to help writers stay focused on writing. The first thing I noticed was that the apps are recommended by a social media strategist and manager for writers. How come so … Continue reading

The Case of the Copula Overdose, or, Why I’ll Never Write (or Read) the Same Way Again

I reviewed a book a while back that has stayed with me for many months and has affected the way I write and read, and it’s opened my eyes to a weakness in much creative writing, even in published books. Douglas Glover’s Attack of the Copula Spiders (Biblioasis, 2012) criticizes many aspects of fiction, but … Continue reading

Bring Me the Head of Nicholas Sparks

Bring it to me on a platter, for I am done with sentimentality, and shall endure his writing no longer. It offends me, as a writer, as an adult, as a thinking human being. Where is the stuff that matters—the writing that used to awaken readers to injustice, greed and oppression, the novels that made … Continue reading

In Praise of Old Masters

A Happy Thanksgiving to all. Earlier this year I read the collected stories of Saul Bellow. Currently I’m enjoying a collection by Jorge Luis Borges. I can’t go too many months without rereading a James Joyce or Willa Cather story. Of course my Book Review Editor position at The Los Angeles Review requires me to … Continue reading

Tahoma Literary Review Now Open for Submissions

TLR is officially open for submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. To find out more about this new (paying) literary journal, please visit us at Tahoma Literary Review.

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