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A Radical Idea: Pay the Writer

Part 1 of 4 Here’s a random tweet I saw recently, one that’s far too typical. The Xxxxx Review (Fiction: $0 Poetry: $0 Non-fic: $0, G) reopened to subs. Thank you very much, but I won’t be submitting. I spend anywhere from two weeks to a month writing the first draft of a short story, … Continue reading

More Scary Stories from the Future of Creative Writing

Last week’s blog about computer generated creative writing (an oxymoron perhaps?) has me thinking about the future of fiction and creative nonfiction. If, as seems inevitable, computers will usurp our ability to write novels and essays someday, what will we read? Let’s go one hundred or so years into the future, when CGW is perfected, … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Rejection

A month or so ago, a good friend—one who believes in my writing—was in New York and had an opportunity to approach the president and publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG Books), Jonathan Galassi, and present the query letter for my novel, Mr. Neutron. The next day Mr. Galassi emailed me to request the … Continue reading

How Not to Write a Blog

I admit it; I’m tapped out this week. The idea well is dry, and even fracking my brain won’t help. But this won’t be the Saturday Morning Post if I don’t post something on Saturday morning, so I better come up with a topic. Okay, calm down. Remind yourself that some of your best blogs … Continue reading

The 10 Most Encouraging and the 10 Scariest of the 10 Rules of Writing from 28 Writers

Part 1, because otherwise this blog would be ridiculously long. In my Internet travels this week I stumbled on an article published in The Guardian, in which 28 famous writers offered their “Ten Rules for Writing Fiction.” The rules are a couple of years old, and the writers mostly British, but some of their suggestions … Continue reading

Tahoma Literary Review Now Open for Submissions

TLR is officially open for submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. To find out more about this new (paying) literary journal, please visit us at Tahoma Literary Review.

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