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Things Hollywood Always Gets Wrong

Maybe they think we’re just not paying attention, or perhaps they believe the public has completely accepted the fallacies, but there are some things that Hollywood movies almost never get right. I’m not what I would call a movie buff, but I’ve seen enough of them over the past few decades to start a list of those movie aspects that always seem wrong:

  • Thunder and lightning at the same time: Well, if that was the case, people in movies would be getting fried left and right. Since lightning travels at the speed of light, and thunder at the speed of sound, those who live to tell about it almost always experience a delay before the thunder is audible.
  • Sound in outer space: Except for Kubrick’s classic “2001 – A Space Odyssey,” movies always include sound effects in the vacuum of space, which can’t conduct sound, because – duh! – it’s a vacuum!
  • Crappy glass and/or building construction: Something hits an automobile windshield and it shatters like a water goblet. Has Hollywood not heard of safety glass? This one’s from “Spiderman 3”: a rogue I-beam (how do they think of this nonsense?) rips through an adjacent skyscraper as though the building were made of papier-maché. Come on! Didn’t they use an I-beam or two in the construction of the skyscraper? If they wanted to make a cartoon, why didn’t they just draw one?
  • The phone hangup dial tone: Just try it yourself. Have someone call you, and when you answer, have them hang up. You get dead air, not a dial tone. Thought everyone knew this already.

Feel free to add to this list.


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2 thoughts on “Things Hollywood Always Gets Wrong

  1. Just like when the bad guys get shot, they fly through the air and land twenty feet away from a pistol shot etc. the impact of the round is relevant to the recoil of the fire arm. if you have ever fired a 45 auto, thats the same amount of impact more or less than you would feel. With a 45 round however because of the design of the round it in itself does more damage than the actual impact. a 45 at 25 yards will easily remove an arm or at least leave it hanging. a bit gruesome yes, but that is the realit as opposed to the movies…

    Posted by burk28 | March 25, 2008, 8:32 PM
  2. If you have ever watched mythbusters on Discovery they test movie myths all the time, they actually try to replicate in real life what they show on the movies, most times they fail. they recently did a mcgyver show where they tried busting the tv show myths, some them actually worked though

    Posted by burk28 | March 25, 2008, 8:36 PM

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